Glacier National Park

Our daughter, Jennifer, husband, Jeff, and daughters Kate (almost 14) and Charlotte (10 1/2) flew from Virginia to Seattle to join us for a trip to Canada (and places in between). Just as an aside, last summer the family thought we would go to Spain this summer. When that didn’t pan out our granddaughters decided they still wanted to go out of the country. Thus, Canada. Bob and I rented a minivan in Seattle and the six of us embarked on July 3. We spent one night in Spokane and then arrived in Kalispell on 7/4. The next morning we drove from West Glacier to East Glacier and then around the southern tip of the park.


There was an amazing amount of water. But, then, there was a lot of snow left on the mountains.

This little guy (or not so little) was the greeter at the Logan’s Pass Visitor’s Center.

This view from the Visitor’s Center includes the hike to the viewing area for Hidden Lake. Bob and I did not make that three hour hike on a snowy path and we were glad we didn’t. The kids, however, did. Those little dots are the hikers – ugh.

Bob and I stayed at the Visitor’s Center and spent much of the three hours trying to see the Bighorn Sheep on the mountainside. Bob had to really zoom to get these pictures and these are zoomed in from that. Hope you can make out the little guys. They really blend! We actually didn’t believe they were there until we got the binoculars (thanks, John) and then we could see them about as well as you can in these pictures.

The snow and the glaciers are amazing but the glaciers are going away. According to the signage, of the 150 glaciers existing in 1850, only 25 remain and the projection is that all will have melted by 2030. Sad, sad, sad and scary for our world!

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