Gig Harbor, WA

This picturesque little harbor town is just west of Tacoma. We had lunch just above where these clams were spouting. Look closely. Couldn’t believe Bob got this picture.


You can’t really see it from this angle but the name on this boat is Trigger. Do you think he really wanted a horse?


You can see in the picture above and below that this town has some swells (I mean what we call people with some significant money – as in “this must be where the swells live”). These homes are not small and they each have their own water access to tie up their not insignificant boat.

DSC_7637 Couple of kayakers (really great place for that) and some more below.

DSC_7639¬†We saw a woman “trying out” one of the paddle kayaks – looked like fun and a workout for your legs (the fancy ones that even have a reverse are $2,500).

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