Georgetown, KY

Today we drove from Clifton Forge, VA to Georgetown, KY.  It took us most of the day because, although we could have taken I64 all the way and made better time, the GPS took us Hwy. 60 (to avoid tolls which is how it is instructed).  This route took us on a mostly 2 lane, windy road over the mountains.  But it was beautiful. And we got to over 4000 feet elevation! Part of the time we were seeing blooming Mountain Laurel along one or the other side of the road.  Part of the time we followed the New River (one of the five oldest rivers in the world geologically and the only nontidal river that crosses the Appalachian Mountains). Apparently it was called the New River because it was not known to early Atlantic Coast explorers. Really a beautiful area in WV that we plan to explore at some point (when we are not trying to get across the country to a family gathering).  We arrived at our RV park (Whispering Hills) in a high wind rain storm.  I am glad to be settled. Now it is just overcast but it is supposed to rain all day tomorrow.  We’ll see how much exploring we do in Frankfort or Lexington before we move on.

DSC_0196 (800x384)

DSC_0195 (800x531) Out our back window.  Poor Bob always has to look at everything around the suncatchers that our granddaughters made and which I insist have to hang so I can see them morning and night!

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