Fourth Floor Walk Up

Marilyn has been mostly (read totally) responsible for scheduling — trains, busses, cars, places to stay, etc. She has been almost perfect in her accomplishments. The few glitches we have had are mostly not because of anything she has done and she has recovered with utmost alacrity (see post about EasyJet).

However, after 900 or so steps at Mont Sainte Michael, several non-working escalators, and many steps up and hills to climb; she swore that she had done enough step-up exercises for the rest of her life.

And then — she finds an Airbnb in Paris that is only a long block from the Arc de Triomphe. Unfortunately for her, it is on the fourth floor and, despite her careful planning, does not have a lift. Four flights of 17 stairs each, plus four more to get to the lobby (for the math challenged, that’s 72 steps!). We have managed by only making the round trip once a day. We think that maybe Roy has some kind of an in with the gods of exercise and has managed to put a hex on us.

From the bottom. Makes one’s stomach queasy just looking.
Out the window.
Our flat is top left.

After a long walk from the metro, we stopped for dinner at the Indiana Cafe. Probably because the menu outside indicated that they had nachos. The decorations were mostly American Indian and the menu included fajitas and pulled pork sandwiches, obviously Mexican. Marilyn really liked the nachos – so much so that we went there the next day. Also, after more than 7,000 steps, Marilyn was too tired and too hungry to explore more. It’s hard to be an adventurous eater when, because of the language, you have absolutely no idea what is being served! Or maybe that makes you very adventurous.

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