Floyd, VA

Actually, we are in a park about 6 miles from Floyd.  This is very different looking than Northern VA and very similar in some ways.  We have been here a couple of days. The first day it rained on and off so we visited Floyd and had some surprisingly good Mexican food at El Charro.

IMG_2170 (800x628) IMG_2171 (800x425) (2)


IMG_2172 (800x451)

This park is near the Crooked Road Music Trail and the Blue Ridge Parkway. The park includes a venue for music events (see picture on first row). The lower picture is the farm out our back window.

The second day we decided to climb Buffalo Mountain.

IMG_2168 (800x600)  Unfortunately the road was pretty bad at one point so we decided to park and hike to the parking area and then make the climb.  What we didn’t know was the hike to the parking area was about a mile and was steeper than much of the climb up the mountain.  So, we made more than 3/4 mile and came back down.  These pictures don’t do justice to the steepness but suffice it to say that my 10 week old hip had enough up and down that day.

IMG_2160 (601x800) IMG_2161 (601x800)

These shots were taken on the parkway going home.  Wow, what a spectacular area! The clouds were, as you can see, awesome.

IMG_2163 (800x495) IMG_2164 (800x450)

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