Fjords Tour – Day 2

After a discussion about what constitutes a fjord with neither of us knowing a precise answer, we looked it up just to share with the whole world. Wikipedia says:

According to physical geography, a fjord or fiord is a long, narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs, created by a glacier.

Day 2 of our trip took us from Sogndal to Lom to Geiranger (if we can figure out how to post a map we may add one to this blog — until then just use Google Maps). The drive started to the north following the famous (so say our tour guides) National Tourist Route ”Sognefjellsvegen”. This is the highest and most impressive mountain pass in Northern Europe.

After lunch in Lom, we continued to Geiranger. Highlights included the Blabreen glacier, a fjord with torquoise water, and more waterfalls than we cared to count. Because we love you all, we are including only those pictures that we don’t want to forget.

Think water color is due to glacier runoff.
Not a stave church.
Hope nobody was home when the rock fell.
Looks like we are back in Scotland – his hair hanging in his eyes.
Thought this might be a mountain goat. Then we saw the bell.
Think this is $9.08 per gallon!
Rock fence. Much thicker than those in the UK. Believe it or not, they may have more rocks here.
Sheep have the right of way.
How deep was the snow in the winter considering it is now mid-July?
Didn’t quite get above the clouds, but we were close!
And the snow is still on the water — what’s with that?
Not quite single track at this point. It got tighter later.
Think that’s the glacier in the background.
Snow on the mountains and flowers blooming in town and wildflowers all along the road (or vegen as they call them here).
Don’t usually post food, but this was almost too pretty to eat. It was a smoked trout sandwich.
How do they get up there?
Rock cliffs right on the road – that’s why they need all those tunnels!
Imagine these 100s of feet high and numbered in the 100s and think about the amount of water. It really is incomprehensible.

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