Fit Wasn’t Fit Enough

We attempted to go up Willow Creek Canyon but didn’t get very far.  We stopped a couple of times for Bob to get out and take pictures and found it hard going to get up the gravel road after stopping.  At one point I took over driving (big mistake) and, after Bob got back in the car, we started up a rather steep hill (you can see it in right side of the pictures below).  The Fit just did not have enough power and with only front wheel drive we just couldn’t make it.  I tried backing down but at one point got way too close to the edge of the road.  I stopped maybe 1-2 feet before our left rear tire went off the edge.  I got out and watched as Bob, using the emergency brake, pulled forward 8-10 inches and then slid back 6.  Finally, after about 4 tries at that he got far enough back into the road to back down.  Once we were level again he tried getting up the hill but still could not make it!  It took about 10 years off my life and still makes me shudder when I think about it!  We may try to go again because it is really beautiful but we will rent a jeep and I will not be behind the wheel.

DSC_6604 DSC_6605

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