Family in NM 2015 #7 (and final, I promise)

Marilyn also hosted an afternoon come-and-go reception for G&G to celebrate with family and close friends. The greatgrandchildren had created a large poster with a heart, words and pictures of each of the greatgrandchildren. In these pictures they are sharing the words on the heart which put a meaning to each letter in Granny and Grumpy.

DSC_0674 (800x447) DSC_0677 (800x482) DSC_0678 (800x531)

Also during the visit the kids enjoyed playing bag toss. ¬†Of course, we had to have some group pictures and those usually degenerate into hilarity and everyone seems to have fun. And then it is time to say good-bye — Boo Hoo.

DSC_0690 (800x531) DSC_0754 (800x543) DSC_0811 (800x426)

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