Europe 2023 (May 4-5)

Our niece (Bob’s brother Bill’s oldest) is getting married at the end of June. She is currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland, but is getting married in her mother’s home town of Burgos, Spain. To add to the confusion, her intended, Mike, is from Boston and all of her father’s family is in the US.

Bob claims to be her favorite uncle, so of course we are going. Before the wedding we are traveling to England, Wales, and Ireland for about six weeks.

We are leaving from New Mexico where we have been helping Bob’s 95-year old mother who is recovering from a broken femur. She is recovering wonderfully and will be attending the wedding to walk the bride down the aisle.

To simplify flight planning, the first leg of the trip included a stop in Washington, D.C., to see a really good friend, and to get a short visit with our daughter and two grandchildren. When we arrived at Dulles (after a layover in Atlanta) we discovered that all our luggage had not made the plane. We got to the hotel after one in the morning and went back to the airport the next morning to check on our luggage and pick up a rental car. Bob went to the Lost Luggage Office and Marilyn came slowly behind. We had received an email saying that our bag had again missed the plane, but when Bob got to the Lost Luggage Office, he was informed that the bag was on the carousel — Marilyn was already pulling it off. Started the day off right.

We had a very nice lunch with our friend, Janet, and went to our daughter’s house for a short visit with granddaughter, Kate, home from college. Jen’s youngest, Charlie, is assistant stage manager for Something’s Rotten and the Cappies were coming to evaluate the play for awards so we ended up helping set up for a dinner — the perils of having kids — and grandkids.

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