Eating in Waterford (June 11)

Yesterday was a busy day and, walking to the crystal factory took us by most of what there is to see, so we took a leisure day today. We ate in the hotel Thomas Francis Meagher Bar. This was a very interesting Irishman who was convicted of sedition and later fought in the American Civil War and became governor of Montana. More here. Lunch turned out to be cafeteria style and was delicious. Bob had the lamb and Marilyn the chicken, both with a pepper sauce. Bob ate all his carrots and Marilyn loved her cabbage.

Walking around after lunch Marilyn noticed a “Tex-Mex” sign and we stopped to learn more. Of course, we went back later to have dinner. The young man who owned the “taco truck” was a delight and really did serve very recognizable Mexican food.

Bob selected a burrito and Marilyn had (guess, anyone?) nachos.

The ambiance left something to be desired but the food was a great taste of home.

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