Eagle Nest Parade 2016

The Red River parade was definitely more impressive but this was sort of fun. Again, it looks like most anything goes.

DSC_3390 (800x531) DSC_3391 (800x531) DSC_3397 (800x531) DSC_3398 (800x531) DSC_3402 (800x480) DSC_3404 (800x615) DSC_3411 (699x800) DSC_3413 (587x800)

Above is an area fire truck. The first time we met one on the highway we did not recognize it as a fire truck. ¬†They can get places in the forests around here that bigger trucks couldn’t manage I guess . I held my breath as that front loader (or whatever it is) went by afraid the guy driving it would accidently touch the wrong lever and dump those kids!

Waiting for dark and the fireworks.

DSC_3422 (800x474)

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