Dunvegan Castle

Dunvegan (nothing to do with vegetables!) is the oldest continuously inhabited castle in Scotland. It has been the home of the Chiefs of the Clan MacLeod (as in cloud) for 800 years. We wanted to do another peninsula of the Isle of Skye and we chased the sun across the island. When we got in the car it was gusty and rainy. Got to the castle just as the sun came out and had a very interesting visit.

Not the prettiest castle we’ve seen, but still impressive. More here.
One can tell that the site was chosen because of the small, well-protected bay.
Bob’s sister would not have been impressed by the size of this library. It’s smaller than hers and doesn’t even have a ladder.
The grounds were possibly more impressive than the castle itself. The path in had a rhododendron hedge that must be beautiful in bloom.
Set up for eighteen. Can be expanded to twenty-four. Almost enough for an Orr holiday dinner.
Not a bad view to wake up to each day.
These castles were literally built on the rocks.

Wouldn’t expect any self-respecting dungeon to be up and not this tiny. Maybe there was not much use for it.

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