Dun Aengus (June 2)

This fort is 2000, 3000, or 4000 years old depending on the source. Excavations indicate that there was building circa 1100 BCE. It sits atop a 100-meter (330 foot) cliff of which Bob did not get good pictures because he is scared of heights in his old age. More about the fort here.

Start of the path.

Doesn’t look so far?

At right: Marilyn girding her loins for the climb.

Also a stone style. We’ve never seen the like before.

Halfway up. Looks longer than from below.

If you can’t make the climb, they just bury you where you fall — maybe a little off the path.

Took a short break to listen to an authentic Irish piper. Not a bagpipe, but a tin-whistle. Sample tune for Granny here.

Almost there. The first two-thirds of the hike was mostly gravel and not too difficult. After that, it is rocky with primitive, irregular steps of varying heights some of which were smooth and slippery.

Made it to the top!

And a well-earned rest before the trek back. Marilyn said her legs had not had this kind of workout in a long time (where is coach Roy?).

This is an incredibly defensible fort. By the time the enemy reached the fort at the top, they would be half dead already.

As close as Bob would get to the edge. He says it hurts his stomach just to look at the picture!

Over the wall in the direction away from the path.

Cliffs back toward the harbor. If they had built the fort on one of these the hike would have been shorter.

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