Driving – Ugh

Believe it or not, it is more stressful to drive here than in Scotland. The roads are TINY (and so, mostly, are the cars but not the lorries and the buses!) but they are allowed to park anywhere (or so it seems). A two-lane road/street becomes less than one and a half by the time they park on it – sometimes on both sides in which case you get one lane. Many of the roads are single-track but, unlike in Scotland, they aren’t marked that and there usually is no place to pull over for the oncoming car. The saving grace is how few cars there are on the road and people are very nice!

The GPS in the rental is wonderful. The only problem with that is the three and four roads that come into the one you are on so close together that it is sometimes difficult to tell which one is your road. And, if you miss it, they rarely have a nice square block to circle. Poor Bob is doing all the driving because I am really not sure I could. I told him I only have one job and that is to go – ahhhh – frequently.

At least he’s up on the sidewalk – not uncommon.

This is a BIG road. Actually the “freeways” are even larger and well marked, generally.

Pretty typical except sometimes there will be eight or ten cars on one side and some on the other.

Now throw in some horses!

Our host told us the street in front of the hotel was two-way and he was correct. He forgot to say it was a dead end! Turning around is not fun.

This is a two-way street blocked off for a little Sunday afternoon concert. Do you see the width of that street???

Clearly this is not about driving but it caught Bob’s eye. They still have many telephone kiosks but none have phones in them.

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