Driving thru Dublin (June 13)

Trying to avoid a stretch of M50 which has an electronic toll that one has to search out a gas station or 7-11-like establishment to pay, we decided to drive thru the city. Fortunately, we had several hours to kill before we could check into our hotel for the night. We needed almost all of it, “rerouting” multiple times. We did get to see parts of Dublin we probably will never see again!

Needed a place to eat and Marilyn really needed a shandy. Found a likely place in Drogheda next to a mall (really!), but could not find the restaurant. Finally asked a security man where it was and he escorted us outside and around one end of the mall and pointed to a set of 20 or thirty stairs that led to the restaurant. Trudged up the stairs only to find out that it was closed on Tuesdays (that’s today). Walked across the river to a likely candidate — no beer. Walked down the street a little farther to a pub — no food, kitchen closed just before we arrived. Back to the first place. Ordered our meals and the waitress asked if we wanted a Heineken (guess it’s not real beer). Ordered a bottle and a bottle of Seven-Up and created our own shandies. The food was really good and another itch was scratched.

Across from the traditional shops was a very modern mall. The pedestrian bridge is also very modern and beautiful. In the distance one can see a railroad bridge that is part modern and part old stone arches. And, of course, there is a church with a tall steeple.

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