Dinner with Sara and Mike (and Isla)

Bob’s brother’s daughter, Sara, took us out to dinner at a typical Scottish pub, The Ox. The food looked so good (and was) that we started eating before we remembered to take pictures. Haggis balls (said to be the best way to be introduced to haggis) were not bad. Queenies, scallops on the half shell, were really good. The egg roll looking dish is Cheddar of Mill Croquette and was also really good.

Sorry we don’t have a picture of Mike. He was delightful, as always, and definitely added to our enjoyment of the evening. The dog was extremely well behaved – probably better/quieter than the humans.

Split a bottle of wine, so a good time was had by all (well, at least by the visiting team).

2 thoughts on “Dinner with Sara and Mike (and Isla)

  1. Sara is the best host, guide, organizer one can have! Glad you got to meet the dog. 🙂
    Randy and I also took the train up to Edinburgh and loved it. 🙂
    Every trip has to have a few missteps (how did you find a locksmith so quickly?!)
    Our foolish mistake in London…We stood in front of a dark theater one evening – aghast that our tickets were for the matinee. 🤪
    Your trip sounds fantastic – we will follow closely and hope to follow your routes in the Fall! 🙂
    Safe travels.🙂❤️

    1. As family often says, it’s the missteps that make it an adventure.

      And you’re absolutely right about Sara!

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