Derry/Londonderry (May 28)

Derry (if you’re a Nationalist or a Catholic) or Londonderry (if you’re a Unionist or a Protestant or on official documents of the UK) is the last walled city built in Europe (completed about 1619). Almost all but the most ardent residents refer to it as Derry. For more see Wikipedia here.

The climb up to the top of the wall was steep, but, as usual, Marilyn was a trooper.

Also, one misses little because Marilyn reads almost everything.

One of the seven (7) gates into the walled city — four original, 3 added later— still used by automobiles — most of whom are driving too fast!

The walls extend for almost a mile (1.5 km). We walked almost all of it before looking for a pub for lunch.

At some point, the walls were raised as seen here. Bob was supposed to remember when, but he doesn’t and can’t seem to find the date.

St. Columb’s Cathederal within the walls. Detail here.

War memorial in center of walled city. Erected in 1927. Details here.

St. Mary’s Church, also within the walls.

The Guildhall (left) was built in 1890 and rebuilt after a fire in 1912. Details, including a picture of the pipe organ, are here.

The views from the walls were more or less what Bob expected. Rows upon rows of townhouses(?) and, of course, another church.

Marilyn really wanted to have a “real” Irish pub experience. We dismounted the walls and headed for the pub recommended by the receptionist at the hotel. When we got there, we discovered that they don’t serve food. Up the hill a little way to another pub for lunch and then back to the recommended pub for a shandy (half beer/half lemonade or sprite).

Didn’t ask for details, but the meat hanging really resembles Serrano ham from Spain (hooves and all – yuck).

Note the states on the license plates (Bob didn’t pay attention to the lower one so it’s hard to see it says California). It really is a small world.

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