Daily Walk

Spent most of Tuesday, May 17, relaxing, planning more of our European adventure, and working on the blog. However, we did take a walk from the Airbnb to Camas Baeg (Bay). Through one of the marvelous animal-proof gates down the pasture to the cliff overlooking the bay. Not as many steps as we wanted, but walking through the grass was harder than on a path and nothing here is level!

Not sure how the cows got down there. It appears there is a path, but it seems too steep.
View of the bay toward Uig Bay (that’s OO-IG as in Iggy Pop) and then the bigger waters of Loch Snizort. That is apparently a family name. Glad it’s not ours.
Beautiful spot.
Looks lovely but the winds here are cold and fierce.
Chickens and sheep at our Airbnb.

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