Cliffs of Moher – and more (June 4)

Bob wanted to visit the Cliffs of Moher for reasons that he could not articulate. Marilyn always (well, almost) lets Bob go where he wishes — sometimes she even goes along. This time she went along.

It is really hard to capture the magnificence of these cliffs. For the real feel of their height, watch Princess Bride; these are the Cliffs of Insanity early in the film (we had to look it up!). Some details here.

There is a tradition of buskers playing for money. Most had accordions of varying sizes.

Marilyn sat on a step near this guy while Bob went up to the tower. He thanked Marilyn for her (she says, under-her-breath) singing along with his Amazing Grace.

Another busker and the only picture we got of some of the death-march of steps to the top.

A rich Englishman (of course) had the tower built to impress his wife — not sure how that turned out.

We thought the cows above were Orr cows until we saw the ones on the right. You know, always trying to find the highest viewpoint.

The ferry was supposed to save us an hour — so of course we missed it by only a minute or two.

We were first on the next one and had time for an ice cream before.

One of the vehicles on our ferry was probably the biggest RV we have seen in Ireland. A Winnebago, of course.

On the advice of the innkeeper’s daughter, we went down to the sea to have dinner. But it was a bank holiday and we had to wait forty minutes for the kitchen help to “cool” down after working non-stop. The food was good and the shandy made the wait easier.

Actually saw some people swimming here. Not these, though.

The water is very clean and clear. I guess visibility is twenty feet or so.

The harbor from the restaurant.

Ireland must have a million of these small harbors. They are every where we go — of course, we ARE following the coast.

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  1. It surprised me how rugged Ireland’s western coast is.

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