Christmas NM 2015 #4

Let the fun begin. The elves are handing out gifts and then everyone gets to ooh and ahh. What fun.

DSC_2790 (800x695)

DSC_2818 (650x1024) (508x800) DSC_2808 (583x800) Niece Sara brought this from Scotland to her language loving Aunt Marilyn.

DSC_2803 (800x758) DSC_2801 (800x687) DSC_2798 (800x473)

After lunch everyone is too full to move much so it is a great time for conversing with those you’ve been missing for months.

DSC_2871 (1024x535) (800x418) DSC_2872 (1024x714) (800x558) DSC_2878 (1024x680) (800x531) DSC_2886 (1024x679) (800x530) DSC_2887 (1024x687) (800x537) DSC_2917 (800x369) DSC_2918 (800x585)

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