Cardiff (May 14)

After Tintern Abbey, we drove on to Caerdydd (last two letters are pounced as “th”, but spelled in English with “ff”— we may never understand the Welsh). Drove around in the city for a little while, driving past Castle Cardiff. The castle is a hodgepodge of styles, having been modified by many families over many generations. It is easily one of the ugliest castles we’ve seen. Lots of pictures here.

Got to the Maltsters Arms a little early. Wrong turns and very narrow roads are continuing to be exhausting. Plus, we were getting hungry after skipping breakfast. A very British (and we assume Welsh) thing is for Pubs/Restaurants to have a fixed “Sunday Roast” instead of a full menu. This one had five choices, including turkey, beef, port, etc. Bob had beef and Marilyn had turkey with Cumberland sausage dressage. The meal included carrots, peas, green beans, roasted potatoes, and parsnips. The green beans and peas were the only thing we did not eat. Will have to look up parsnip recipes when we get home. The bread-like food is Yorkshire pudding — ate it like bread and almost(!) asked for dessert. Travel is definitely broadening — and not just around the waist.

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