Caen – Search for Food

Slept in a little – still recovering from our side trip to Sweden and 900 steps at the abbey! Got up and went looking for breakfast. Our Airbnb is right on the quay and just a few blocks from the city center. Turns out Sunday is market day around Port de Plaisance only a block or so from our Airbnb. Only a few of the resturants were serving food because of all the offerings by vendors at the market. Found some paella that looked really good. Went into a bar and asked if we ordered drinks could we eat food from outside. They said we could so we ordered hot chocolate and opened up the paella. It was cold! Took it home for dinner.

Finished up our hot chocolate and went looking for the place we had been told has sim cards. The only one they offered was good only in France, so we passed. Decided we had to have something to eat and found a really nice resturant. Marilyn had fish ’n’ chips and Bob had sea bass. Both were good, but not as fresh as the fish in Scotland. Chips were better than Scotland’s. Guess the French know how to make French fries.

After lunch, we wandered around a little and moseyed through the market and back to our room to update the blog and rest.

Caen has a cathederal that is in ruins after being bombed by the Allies in WWII, a magnificant abbey, and a castle. These pictures are of an active church.

Not sure how secure this castle is — it has a handicapped ramp!

The market had offerings ranging from fresh food, fruits and vegatables, flowers, rugs and tapestries, and general ”stuff”. Marilyn said, ”Who needs a Walmart?”. One table literally had the kinds of household items, kitchen, etc., one would buy in Walmart.

The buckets contain a huge variety of olives. Grumpy would love it!
Marilyn said if she just put a scarf around her neck everyone would think she was French – until she spoke!
Fresh strawberries for Granny?
Marilyn found cherries. After a sample, bought a quarter kilo.
Harbor full of boats, old and new.
Some looked like they had not been used in years.
Ducks are building a nest on the back of a power boat.

There are no curtains or shades on the windows in the Airbnb but, after our walk, Marilyn pressed a button inside the front door and these shades came down. Two sets and the second made it as dark as when they turned out the lights in Carlsbad Caverns. Boy, were we surprised!

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