Burgos – Day 2

Started the day with slightly inferior churros and chocolate just around the corner from the hotel. Then we visited the Museum of Human Evolution. This museum documents some of the most important human fossil finds in the world. They were discovered at Sierra de Atapuerca, about 16 km east of Burgos. Beautifully done and very informative. More here.

Had lunch at Mar del Norte, a local seafood restaurant with amazing appetizers and the best paella in Northern Spain. It was an almost typical Spanish meal, lots of food, wine, and laughter; but was atypical as it only lasted an hour and a half.

Bill and Bob explored a little of the Plaza Mayor and the old town before having dinner with Isabel’s sister, brother, sister-in-law, nephew and their visitor from North Carolina. The speciality of the house (Meson de Burgos) is potatas bravas — small chunks of potato in brava sauce (olive oil, paprika, stock, and a little flour).

Another gate into the old city on the Plaza Mayor.
Remains of a monastery.
Church next to our hotel.

Gate to the city, a close up of the gate, and the interior of the gate itself.

In the gate one goes through this door to the stairs to the top of the gate.
13th century cathederal.
The Plaza Mayor
This church is near the cathedral and is where Bill and Isa were married.
Scallop, symbol of the saint, on the Way of St. James from France to Santiago.
Typical costumes worn to celebrate St. James day.
Restaurant with potatas bravas.
Small orchestra near dinner and the Plaza del Rey San Fernando near the main gate.

After dinner Bill, Isa, Tete, Marilyn, and Bob had ice cream (not sure where we found room). The cathedral was lit with multi-colored lights. None of our Spanish family had ever seen this phenomenon so we felt really lucky to be here at this time. They think because the day before marked 801 years since construction began.

Ice cream after dinner.
Old wall.

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