Burgos – Day 3

After a good nights sleep, we got up and went back to Ibanez (best churros in Burgos!) for breakfast and people watching. It is in such a beautiful setting.

Store front restaurant with mostly outside seating.
Topiary and statues wherever we looked.

Then we went to Bill and Isa’s for more visiting. Along the way we stopped at Tete’s pharmacy because we had never been there before. Pharmacies are heavily regulated by the Spanish government and cannot be located within 150 meters of another pharmacy. They are required to be open mornings and evenings and some weekend days.

Pharmacies are more modern and neater than almost any other business.
Tete’s grandfather was a doctor. This cabinet was in his office.

After lunch at the same cafe where we had tapas a day or two earlier, we took a short nap and then went to Tete’s partner, Eugenio’s, bar for dinner with distance relatives from Argentina who were visiting. The specialities of his bar are Russian salad (like potato salad only better), Spanish omelette, and octopus. The bar is near the school of music and while we were eating, a full orchestra performed (we think in celebration of the opening of the new high-speed train to Madrid for which the King was visiting Burgos).

La Petenera (The Dance) is the bar. Very small inside with a lot of outside seating.
Maria from Argentina on Marilyn’s left.
Juan from Argentina on Isabel’s right.

Harpists have the best job — somebody else moves the harp and they don’t have to play very much or very often.

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