Bruges – Markt and more

On our last full day in Bruges, we decided to visit the ”world famous” market. Stopped for a short break so Bob could get some pictures of the Basilica of Saint Basile – actually, Basilica of the Holy Blood — one of the important events in the movie In Bruges. Unfortunately for us, we could not remember what or why at that point but remembered the small, corner church. More information about places in the movie can be found here.

This is the entrance to the Basilica of the Holy Blood. Inside is a stairway to the upper area of the larger church. Read more here.
Also, apparently the bear is an important symbol of the city.

The market has existed since 958 and weekly since 985. Fortunately, for us it was Wednesday, which is the only day the market is open. We had breakfast on the square and wondered around looking at all the weird things people sell and buy in Europe. More cheeses and strange meats than one could eat in a lifetime.

The square also houses the municipal building and the cloth hall. More information here.

This market is different from the fish market (Vismarkt) held in yet another square Wednesdays through Saturdays.
The horses and carriages are actually on the square with the Basilica of the Holy Blood (which is quieter) and not the square with the market.
This statue of Jan Van Eyck is actually in another nearby square.

One of the things that stands out about Bruges is the number and variety of flowers. There are planters and window boxes everywhere. And we were here at just the right time to enjoy them.

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