Brecon Beacons (May 16)

Decided to add a little side trip inland to Brecon Beacons National Park. It shows up in all the guide books we use and contains Pen y Fan, the highest point in Wales at 886 meters (almost 2907 feet). A very nice gentleman (talked incessantly to anyone, like several of the Orrs) informed us that the special forces make their trainees climb up with a full pack and weapons. Upon reaching the top expecting a ride down, they are marched/run down and then up the other side. He said that this eliminated the “faint of heart”.

Pen y Fan

Gate with gorse.

Hard to read, but sign says “Grid”. We usually call them cattle guards. Maybe because there are so many sheep…

One of the rangers(?) suggested a side trip over the mountains for the great view. Of course, this involved a few very narrow, curvy roads. Fortunately, most of the climb was fairly wide — it even had a stripe!

Not really a spectacular view, but a pretty village in a nice valley.

And there is some kind of ruin just past the top.

Sheep are everywhere, although we must admit that sometimes it’s hard to distinguish them from rocks.

Sometimes I think the sheep have been trained to pose for photographers.

Marilyn spotted this little waterfall and took the picture.

And then the creek/river below.

The Boar’s Head Inn has a private car park. We think that the security is the VERY narrow entrance. Literally inches on each side of our car.

And then one has to maneuver the car into a spot. Ours is next to last on the left (in very crooked).

But we managed and had a delightful dinner (Marilyn doesn’t understand why Bob takes such terrible pictures of her – surely she doesn’t look this bad all the time!).

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