Boston (#2)

One day we bought tickets for the on-again-off-again open-air bus and had a good time seeing some sights. We look eager to start, right!

DSC_9915 (531x800)

This cemetery (behind the wall by the white van in the Old North Church picture) is not the oldest in Boston but with a stone from 1661 it seemed old enough to us.  The girls were very interested in the markers.

DSC_9919 (800x500) DSC_9920 (800x489) DSC_9921 (531x800)


The Old North Church is, of course, a must see for its history (“one if by land, two if by sea…”) but it is also a wonderful example of a period church and it is beautiful!  We found a perfect pew but it didn’t have our name on it.

DSC_9923 (2) (531x800) DSC_9924 (707x800) DSC_9925 (800x471)


Behind the church is a park like area named for Paul Revere and containing a wonderful statue of him.  Nearby is his home which is the oldest surviving wooden structure in Boston.

DSC_9933 (482x800) DSC_9936 (800x733)


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