Asheville and Points South

Traveled a few days to Asheville (East KOA) to visit our friend, Diane, and her son. Asheville is a lovely area (and they kept giving us a good deal at the RV park) so we stayed longer than planned. Then we drove the RV down into SC where we stayed a week in Blacksburg, SC at the Cherokee RV Park. This is a lovely park and our site faced a fenced field with grazing horses. So peaceful! We liked the horses so much that we went to Lumber River RV Park in Evergreen, NC. This park has sites for folks with their horses who come for trail ride weekends. We enjoyed the horses and this park on the river. Unfortunately, we had to cut the trip short (and not return to VA for Christmas) in order to return to NM. Bob’s mom, Granny, fell and broke her hip so we headed out to help with her care.

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