Arrive in England (May 6)

Our flight left Dulles about 10 PM and arrived in Lisbon about 10 AM on Saturday. Only snag was some of the airport personnel sent us to baggage claim (a good hike) through Immigration — we did get our brand new passports stamped. Only after getting to baggage claim did we realize that our bags were checked through to England (guess we don’t travel enough). We went to the TAP lounge and spent a pleasant hour or so awaiting our flight. However, the nice Portuguese lady sent us to the wrong terminal (local vs international) and we had to get our passports stamped again!

Made our flight and finally arrived in London (actually Gatwick Airport) just in time for the coronation. Charlie did not pick up our calls, so we got a rental car and headed for Sandwich.

The combination of manual transmission and driving on the left side of the road took a little getting used to. Marilyn did not scream as much as Bob had expected.

Fortunately, the car had a really nice GPS and led us through narrow, and often one-way, streets to St. Peters Bed and Breakfast. We drove past looking for the assigned parking and did not see it, so we pulled into an empty space and Bob started back to the B and B. Before he go there, the proprietor came out and led us to a garage only a few yards from the empty space. The room is lovely and we slept well.

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  1. Lisbon! You’ve been there before! I’m surprised they didn’t make you accompany your checked baggage through customs. You must look trustworthy….

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