Anglican Church

One of the things I enjoy about our lifestyle is the opportunity to visit different churches. Our ecumenical experience at United Christian Parish in Reston, VA really increased my interest in other churches and my tolerance for differences.  Thank you, UCP.  Today I decided to visit an Anglican church.  I did not realize that ACC stood for Anglican Catholic Church and that they consider themselves Catholic Reformed (not Roman or Eastern Orthodox) and not Protestant. The church in Clifton Forge, VA (St. Stephens) is very small and very friendly. It was similar in most respects to the Epicopal Church we often attend in Ruidoso, NM.  When I mentioned this, a very nice lady said that they are very similar and that some Epicopalians (including herself) left the Epicopal Church for the Anglican when the Book of Common Prayer was changed.  Even after some research on the Internet I am very confused about the relationships – Anglican, Epicopal, Church of England.  Very interesting and I enjoyed the service. I am not sure if it was Broad or Low church but definitely not High church.  I was glad of my Epicopal experience. Otherwise I might not have known how to follow the service!

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