Aberystwyth (May 17)

On to this university town (the son of some friends did a year abroad here). We decided to charge the car some more before going to our hotel. Again, we ran into the nicest young woman and her mother who pulled up to the charging area just as we did and then helped us. When we asked them to recommend where to get some dinner, the mother suggested a place nearby and then walked us over! It was only a couple of minutes walk but still. Her son had been to university here and they were just visiting.

The place they suggested we eat was Lolfa Athro. It is in one building of a complex that was a Welsh school. In Welsh, athro means (male) “teacher”. It was three large rooms open to one another with large ceiling beams, multiple big windows and school related memorabilia such as class pictures, small blazers hanging on the wall and sports equipment. It was charmingly done. The food was good and we enjoyed the ambiance. It is, apparently, one of several “lounges” in Britain established originally in Bristol in 2002.

After our early dinner, we walked down to the beach with its promenade and watched the people and their dogs. There were actually people in the water and some in kayaks and on paddle boards. It must have been cold and people were in everything from coats to shorts.

One can take the Aberystwyth Cliff Railway (funicular) to the top of the cliff where there is a gift shop, cafe and play area.

We had not yet been to our night’s lodging but it turned out to be at the far end of this row with a lovely view of the water and the sound of surf.

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