Great Family Fun

Family get-togethers are so amazing and this family is a particularly wonderful one. These pictures will give you a further idea of how everyone enjoyed the time together.

_DSC0832 (800x430) _DSC0892 (800x533)  DSC_8298 (710x800) DSC_8302 (800x532) DSC_8351 (800x480) DSC_8358 (800x532) DSC_8783 (800x412) DSC_8794 (800x339) DSC_9104 (800x532) IMG_6840 (800x462)

Aren’t those wonderful great-grandchildren? They were pretty tired by this point but they were all troopers (number 7 is missing for some reason). Does Bob’s brother Bill remind you of anyone from Steel Magnolias?

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