A Day of Rest – Mostly (May 11)

Today we decided to do laundry and little else. What we found is that it is not easy to locate a laundromat or even somewhere to get the laundry washed and folded. So, after driving a half hour (only about 10 miles – these roads don’t allow very quick travel) we arrived at one and found they do not sell detergent and we had forgotten ours. By this time, having not eaten breakfast, Marilyn was cranky from hunger so we stopped at the King William which we just happened to pass.

Bob had the sea bass with mashed potatoes and veggies and Marilyn had the salmon and asparagus quiche with fries. The best part, though, was the starter of warm (not toasted) Ciabatta bread with rapeseed oil and vinegar for dipping – Yum!

Stopped on the way back to the Temple Inn at a Tesco for some sodas and snacks and we were all set for a quiet evening.

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