A Crazy Five Months

Sorry about the long dry spell.  In the last five months we have traveled from NM to VA, added another new joint to Marilyn’s collection (another hip), recovered, rehabbed and exercised, traveled from VA to TX with many stops along the way to visit old friends, not so old friends, family (young and not so young), helped Marilyn’s 93-year-old uncle and her older sister move from Dallas to Boerne, TX (near San Antonio) which will be closer to her youngest sister and, finally, we are in Slaton, TX where Marilyn was born and grew up.  Tomorrow, she will have lunch with some high school buddies.  Bob calls this the bridesmaids’ trip because we have seen (or will see) 5 of Marilyn’s 6 bridesmaids (one in Chattanooga, two in Dallas, one here in Slaton and one we’ll see in Ruidoso Thursday).  Wow, you talk about memory lane.  This has been such fun!  Of course, the wonderful thing is that none of us has aged a day.

Driscolls 2016This is Marilyn’s nephew, his wife, his sister and his children in Austin.  We were so fortunate to get a little time with them.  The 4-year-old boy is a budding guitarist and the 2-year-old girl is, of course, a princess.

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