Bird(s) for a Day

Today we took a walk in a nearby state park bird viewing area.  Driving there we spotted two pelicans sitting on a bridge very close to the road.  They were unfazed by our car (and others) but we could not stop for a picture.  That is the second great opportunity for a pelican picture that we missed. The other was a flock of them in the Intercoastal Waterway that we were driving near.  There must have been 20-30 of them. We did manage to get a picture of this guy and one of the osprey returning to his/her nest.  You can’t see that there is a fish hanging that she dropped into the nest and flew on.

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2 thoughts on “Bird(s) for a Day

  1. Meant to mention earlier, we also have a Fit. Probably the most versatile car we have ever had. I drive it daily. And I think our current RV could tow it…but not ready for that yet.
    What we love about it are the easy fold down magic seats. Perfectly flat for the dogs and no place for their paws to catch. Hauling all sorts of things so easy with the multiple configuration. We have had (Carolyn has a Prius) other hatchbacks, but this is the best one so far.

    1. The Fit is continuing to delight us. The only thing we don’t like is the amount of road noise but since it is usually only the two of us we aren’t trying to talk with someone in the backseat. All is good!

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