William B. Ide Adobe State Historic Park

Looking on-line for places to walk/hike we came across this nearby park. It wasn’t quite what we expected. No hiking trails or even any distance to walk. However, it was an interesting little park where they were hosting a group of 3rd graders (early CA state history is studied that year). ┬áThe children were experiencing a one-room school house, making adobe bricks, churning butter and washing dishes – even candle making. It was pretty impressive for a very small area. We were told that they have a high school program to train older kids to teach the younger ones in the park. Great!

IMG_2367 The site is on the Sacramento River.

IMG_2370 Candlemaking.

The adobe structure you can see in the background (and below) is being supported because a HUGE Valley Oak tree (over 250 years old) came down one day on the building. They plan to rebuild or start from scratch to build a copy. I am standing next to the stump. That tree was huge. The site dates to the early 1850s and that is the period for which the children are learning the lifestyle.

IMG_2368 IMG_2369

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