What happened?

If you are one of the dedicated few who actually follow our adventures — especially our current European adventure — you may have wondered what has happened to us over the last few weeks.


We left Paris for Brussels and had a fairly uneventful train trip. Couldn’t make reservations for the high speed train, so we took a slower local. On the plus side, it did make it easier to view the countryside. Only took a little bit longer so no big loss there.

However, when we got to Brussels we both got sick with a flu-like something-or-other. We both took home Covid tests just in case, but of the four we took three were inconclusive and one of Bob’s was negative.

We didn’t really feel like doing much, so we hibernated in our room (really nice by the way) and recovered. We have both been having pretty bad allergies (what is it about Europe?) and are not sure whether it was Covid or just a flu-like bug going around.

We are both doing well if a little weakened by lack of activity. And we are still glad we are here.

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