Whale Watching, Victoria

We had a fabulous whale watching experience. ┬áBut first a few scenes from the dock area. The sign behind Kate is a little hard to read – it says, “Beyond this point you are under the Pacific Ocean.”

I guess it is a good thing Bob no longer has in-laws. Doesn’t look like he would treat them too well.

This boat was very comfortable and well equipped for those of us who really didn’t come prepared for how cool it was. The water was quite choppy and Charlotte was happy enough at first but then got pretty frightened. ┬áThe crew were wonderful!

The captain seemed to be tuned into a tracking system for the whales. He just kept moving us and finding more pods. At least one pod had a baby in it!

Bob, Jennifer and Charlotte walked back to the hotel from the dock area. On the way Charlotte got to pose with her stuffed Orca (given to her by the wonderful crew because she was so scared on part of the trip).

Other sites on their way back.

The Parliament building with a bagpiper and the Empress Hotel. It is a truly lovely city.


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