Western Virginia

The area we have been visiting for the last 5 weeks is quite amazingly beautiful.  We are in a park just at the edge of Douthat State Park which has a small lake and great hiking trails.

DSC_0085 (800x531) DSC_0086 (800x531) DSC_0098 (800x531) DSC_0100 (566x800)


DSC_9882 (800x396) DSC_9883 (800x531)

It also has many pretty flowers and some fantastic mushrooms!

DSC_0088 (800x531) DSC_0108 (800x531) DSC_0111 (800x531) DSC_9893 (463x800) DSC_9900 (800x531) DSC_9898 (800x531)

I have never seen a magnolia growing in the wild like this.  Beautiful.

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