Travels (travails) from New Mexico to Virginia

We left Tularosa on Sunday, November 26 for El Paso where we had the chassis of the RV checked out at the local Ford dealership and had maintenance performed on the coach.  The first night after El Paso was a stop in Fort Stockton where the motor on our coach steps promptly went out.  Unfortunately the steps would not go up or down completely so Bob got under the coach and tied them up. He then got on the phone and, after calling about 4 places in Boerne, TX (next stop) he found a sales and service location in Kerrville (30 miles from Boerne) who would try to help us.  We drove to Kerrville verrrrry early Thursday morning and they checked it out and ordered parts to be delivered the next day – yippee!  While they checked it out we took a walk in this lovely park along the Guadalupe River. The color had really gotten pretty as we got into the Texas Hill Country.

The steps were repaired the next day and we spent the day with my sister Betty. The folks at Ronnie Bock’s Kerrville RV were wonderful!!! Unfortunately, when we returned to the coach for bed that night we could not get the bed into sleeping position. Let me explain. The bed has a motor that raises and lowers the head of the bed (sort of like a hospital bed but only about a third of the bed). The bed comes down to sleep and goes up so the slide will come in and you can drive down the road. Unfortunately, the bed would not come down. We’ve had this problem before but the usual fix did not work. So, for the next four or five nights we slept across two-thirds of a queen size bed. The amaziing part was that we slept really well!

It is now Saturday, the second of November and we can’t make an appointment anywhere until Monday. So we hit the road and on Monday we make an appointment for the bed to be looked at in Roanoke, VA at Camping World. This means we have to go much faster to VA than we had planned. One of our overnight stops was in this pretty little park in Carriere, MS (Clearwater RV Park). Needless to say, if it was warm enough for me to sit outside, I did so.

While the bed was not actually fixable in Roanoke (they are ordering a part and we will stop back in January) they did manage to make it go up and down so we can sleep on it!

The next travail was the battery on our car went out so we stopped(towing it behind the RV) at the Honda dealership near Dulles for a new one.

And, lastly, the toilet broke so we spent some of the Friday (after arriving on Thursday) at the Camping World in Manassas to get that fixed (thank you for taking us on such short notice, Camping World!). Looking on the bright side we have been so lucky to find help along the way and we are in VA quicker than planned so more time with kids.



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