Tobasco Factory Tour And Avery Island

Went to New Iberia, LA to tour the Tabasco Factory (for Grumpy) on Avery Island. The pepper has been designated the “Tabasco pepper” and, once mashed, is hotter than a habanero.  The peppers are supposed to be picked at a precise shade of red.  They sometimes use a “baton rouge” painted the desired color to compare with the peppers as they decide which ones to pick. The hat pictured below would be perfect for Grumpy (Bob’s dad) as he could then carry around small bottles of Tabasco. A son of the originator was a naturalist and is credited with saving the Snowy Egret by bringing all that he could find to the island and protecting them. The island boasts a Jungle Garden and a Bird City.

DSC_5174 DSC_5175 DSC_5177

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