The Wedding Setting

John Orr and Maggie Camp’s wedding was held in the mountains of northern NM in the Enchanted Circle near Red River.  The location was the summer home of Maggie’s grandmother (original house from which the wedding party dressed and then processed down the steps in the background of this picture).

DSC_8078 (800x531)DSC_8074 (800x377)DSC_8107 (800x384)

and Maggie’s parents and aunt and uncle (in the additional house on the property).

DSC_8073 (531x800) DSC_8079 (800x277)


The river runs behind the houses.

DSC_8207 (800x402)


It was in many ways a very New Mexico wedding. The basket in the first picture below holds old quilts for wrapping up on a cool evening around the fire.

DSC_8327 (732x800) DSC_8310 (725x800) DSC_8326 (800x615)

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