The Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Apparently Bob has long wanted to see this lakeshore so, since they are best seen from the water, we purchased tickets online for the cruise. Unfortunately, both yesterday and today, they have had to cancel due to large waves on Lake Superior. We were very disappointed. However, we drove up to Miner’s Castle and went out to the overlook to see the 8 foot waves we were told caused the cruise to be cancelled. Our second disappointment of the day. Bob walked down to the lower overlook – Marilyn was too cold!. From the water this apparently looks like a castle (or it did to the miners as they passed in the water below). It probably looked more like a castle before one of the turrets collapsed in 2006. Wish the colors were more vibrant on the cliffside. For some pictures taken by someone on a better day, click here.

Driving back to the RV we stopped for a quick shot of Alger’s Falls, one of many falls in the area. We also saw pretty color driving back.

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