The Doors of Shoshone

Looking across from the cemetery one sees some small openings in the side of the hill. Some have doors.  All were, at one time, homes to miners. Some of them are little more than a space to get out of the elements while others are big enough to sleep, cook, etc. Nearby were two areas of very rusted tin cans, a rusted bedsprings and a few other assorted signs of life. I guess some of the miners did cook something. Around the back and above the hill were two pipes that we assumed to be exhaust.  The second and third pictures below are actually into each side of one of the larger ones (maybe 8X8). The area of the floor that appears to be missing may have been where they had a fire.

DSC_5192 DSC_5200 DSC_5201 DSC_5202 DSC_5206 DSC_5208 DSC_5214 DSC_5215

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