Tenby (May 17)

This turned out to be a great stop. First, we decided to charge the car and that turned into a monumental task because we had to download an app (very slow WiFi) and then we downloaded the wrong one so had to do another one. The attendant at the parking lot was, again, one of the nicest people (a retired fireman so probably used to dealing with the idiot public).

We had time to kill while charging so we wondered around the harbor area and then up into the town to see the medieval Anglican church (the town has two St. Mary’s – one Catholic and one Anglican). This town is all about climbing – down to the beach and back up, then higher to the castle ruins, then down and up to the town (which is, itself, pretty level).

As we tried to navigate to a charging station, the GPS kept taking us on smaller and smaller streets. Finally, we decided to go to one outside of town and, suddenly, there was one right beside us!

Leaving the car park we had to go through these arches in the old wall, turn right through more arches and start through part of the town above the beach and harbor.

Look what we came upon going toward the beach/harbor – churros! Later, on the way back to the car, we stopped and they were wonderful. However, only in Spain do we get them with a cup of hot chocolate.

It is hard to see but these boats are all tethered so they don’t go out with the tide!

There were buildings all around the harbor in different colors.

These ladies and Marilyn had quite a nice visit while Bob continued up the steps in the background to the castle ruins.

This old fort is part of what the ladies and Marilyn looked down on.

This guy is repairing a slate roof. At one time, Wales exported the slate for most of the roofs in England. Bob stopped to ask the guy about this type of roofing. He uses a hammer with a pointed side to make a hole to put the nail through. Slate is waterproof and helps prevent a buildup of moisture in the house.

As we were climbing up to the Anglican church we were in front of this group and Bob stopped to take a picture just as a car started down around the scaffolding. This made a sudden stop for the children and the poor teacher who was trying to keep them in a tight line.

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