Some Family at the Wedding

I have tried to capture a few of the family who attended.  It was quite a crowd as you will see in the family picture from the wedding itself. Please forgive me for not including everyone.  This entry would go on forever if I did.

DSC_8157 (800x591) Bob, Sr. and his sister, Carolyn (Bible translator for Wycliff in Ecuador for many years).

DSC_8049 (800x501) Bob’s mother, Barbara, her niece, Denise and husband Lee from Seattle and Barbara’s granddaughter-in-law, Miriam from Olympia, WA.

DSC_8052 (800x504) Bill Orr, father of the groom, with his dad’s cousin, Marguerite, from NY along with our daughter, Jennifer.

DSC_8050 (664x800) Isabel’s sister, Tete, and her friend, Eugenio Dias Garcia, from Spain (he made the wonderful Sangria).

DSC_8083 (800x375) DSC_8085 (800x326)


Bob, Sr.’s cousin, Tess and her daughter, Sophia (from Spain), with our daughter, Robyn, from San Francisco.  Robyn again with her Roy and cousin-in-law, Miriam and cousin, Rebecca.

DSC_8140 (800x607) DSC_8141 (800x664)


Bob’s sister, Patty, from Columbus, OH with Bob Sr.’s cousin, Marguerite.  Patty’s husband, Randy, with granddaughter, Sara (not sure what was going on there but they have great fun together).

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