Snow Magnates?

Some in the family have accused us of being snow magnates.  Here’s why:

We arrived in Ruidoso for a family Christmas get together and it snowed the first evening (6-8 inches which is a pretty good snow for Ruidoso).

DSC_2611 (800x440) DSC_2615 (800x491) DSC_2618 (781x800)

Part of the family (including our daughter’s family) were due to leave Ruidoso on Sunday.  However, weather forecasts did not look promising so they left on Saturday.  It was a good thing they did.  Overnight we got about 18 inches.  The first picture looks like our car is only a periscope!  We were lucky that the Ruidoso Orrs are prepared and someone was able to get us from the RV park and we didn’t miss any of the family time.

DSC_2922 (800x531) DSC_2924 (800x510)

Ruidoso continued to get an unusual amount of snow all winter.  However, we left for Virginia and about 2 weeks after we arrived we got 2 1/2 feet of snow. We were having some electrical problems with the RV and did not want to get caught in it so we closed it up and stayed in a nearby motel for 6 days until it was possible to get it out.  Below is just our car at the motel.


We also had another little snow for which we were still being blamed.  They were all beautiful if inconvenient for many.


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