Small World

While having a picnic lunch after driving through The Rocky Mountain National Park we got into conversation with some folks at a nearby table.  During the course of the conversation someone asked where we were from and Bob said Monahans.  One of the ladies said, “I dated a guy in college from Monahans and his dad was Robert Orr.” We about fell off of our bench.  Bob’s first thought was that he did not recognize the woman and was afraid it was someone he had dated but couldn’t remember her. Fortunately, when asked, she said she had dated his younger brother, Bill. When told her name we knew who she was. We all hugged and shared our life stories since she had last had contact with the Orrs.

DSC_7125 DSC_7126

One thought on “Small World

  1. Six degrees of separation, right? Good thing my brother is gregarious, or who would’ve known? How many times do you think we might know the people at the next table (or have a friend in common) and the conversation just never happens?

    I hope you told her that after she broke my heart, I fled the country, and lived happily ever after….

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