Scariest Mountain to Drive Over

Today we began the North Coast 500. Unfortunately, you start on the southeast side of a peninsula and the road goes around the west side so, you have to get over a mountain. We’ve driven in the Rockies (US and Canadian) and the Alps (Austrian, Swiss and French) but we have never been on a road like this. Bob was too scared to take pictures so there isn’t much documentation. The reason it was so scary (besides the fact that the drops are significant) is that it is a single-track road. Yipes. At one point we met an RV (fortunately they are pretty small) coming around a curve with no place to pass. We were going uphill with a car behind us and Bob said we are not backing down the hill. Yipes, again. So, after a little standoff, the poor RV driver backed up into a wide space and we all passed. That was the scariest part but there were many places that made us nervous. Bob was truly too nervous to take his eyes off the road. We agreed afterward that it didn’t matter what the options were we were never driving over that road again. Can’t imaging what it was like in an RV and nowhere to turn around if you became too fainthearted to continue!

From above looking down the road we drove on.
Don’t know that we have ever seen 14% and we later saw a 16%.
This is basically what we saw at the top.
Most of the time there wasn’t a guardrail or wall like this one.

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