Santa Rosa, NM

We typically make an overnight stop in this town between Ruidoso and Eagle Nest.  This time we decided to spend two nights so we could see a few of the sights. One interesting thing here is Blue Hole. This artesian well is 82 feet deep and 80 feet in diameter at the top (130 feet at the bottom of what divers are allowed to use – see the link below for more on this).  It is a constant 64 degrees with an inflow of 3,000 gallons per minute.  Its location makes it very popular for SCUBA divers all over the landlocked southwest (in fact we talked with one who was diving that day and had driven down from Colorado Springs, CO). In the picture you can see a couple of platforms below the surface. The water is amazingly clear. It would not be very interesting diving since there is not much to see but I guess if you were hundreds of miles from any place to dive this would be attractive. For an interesting article, click here.  There is also quite a large lake near here which seems to attract fishermen and families for camping, etc.

DSC_1507 (800x527) DSC_1509 (532x800) DSC_1510 (800x588)

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